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Submitting your Ideas:

Unlike other companies, Chalice WILL accept ideas for scripts and performance-based theatre without insisting that you have agent representation as a requirement before reading!

However, by submitting an idea for consideration, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions: 
  • If hard-copy material is submitted, but not taken forward for development it will be destroyed unless you enclose an appropriately stamped SAE.
  • Likewise, if the idea is submitted electronically, but not taken forward for development, it will be deleted from our records and NOT kept on file (always back-up your own work!).
  • If we choose to take an idea forward or see potential in your writing we will contact you.  Please ensure all contact details are clear and correct.
  • Decisions made by the Chalice Reading Team are final.  

You don't have to be a Friend of Chalice to submit an Idea and we aim to give some feedback on all manuscripts and ideas that we receive, but please be patient.  

Becoming a Friend of Chalice entitles you to many benefits, including the opportunity to develop your submissions into workable scripts, you will also be eligible to enter your submission into competitions throughout the year and potentially have your script work-shopped and performed in front of an audience.  

You can become a Friend at any time via the 'Join and Support' link, then sit back, relax and reap the benefits!  Take advantage of various special offers across Chalice Media's services and packages (including publishing, production, courses, show tickets and experiences).

Please see the JOIN AND SUPPORT section for details.

Submitting your Manuscripts:

Part of our mission is to bring NEW Work and NEW Talent to the attention of the masses!!  

We believe that local talent should be celebrated.  As such, we aim to commission and produce a number of BRAND NEW works by undiscovered, local writers across the North-West of England every year.  We, therefore also encourage  actors, dancers, singers and performers of all types to get in touch and register an interest with us as we may just be on our way, looking to produce the NEXT BIG SHOW in your local area!!. 

Becoming a Friend or a Patron of Chalice Media Limited helps us to fund such activities.  We really do appreciate your contributions to a vision, which we believe benefits all.

Submission Guidelines.

  • Please check and double check your work before submission.  Never rush... if in doubt, leave it 'til tomorrow!
  • Ensure your script/Idea is 1.5 or double-space typed and that your title, name and page numbers are clearly visible on each page.
  • For TV/Film/Theatre scripts please enclose a synopsis, character list (and details) and any staging ideas/set designs you may already have.
  • Make sure your contact details are clearly printed on the title page of your script (along with your Friend/Patron number if you have one).
  • Enclose a cover letter detailing any experience, previous work, etc.
  • If unsuccessful, your manuscript will be returned to you as long as you have enclosed a stamped S.A.E.  If not, the manuscript will be destroyed.

We will inform you of the receipt of your manuscript/idea and whether successful or not, we will attempt to contact you within three-six weeks of our decision.