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Casting Success

Since we started our actors representation in 2014 we have had casting calls for ITV's Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...., HBO's Game of Thrones and FOX 's Homeland.


What is the difference between an Exclusive and a Non-Exclusive contract?

If you are looking for an agent be very careful when it comes down to the contract.  Exclusive contracts are common, but may not serve you as well as they serve the agency.   Non-Exclusive contracts will probably suit your career needs better as they ensure the agent works for you!

Exclusive Contract
An Exclusive contract with a talent agent means that your agent represents you for everything you do everywhere. They represent you in all you do all over the world where ever you go and whatever you do.  Be careful with these contracts because most exclusive contracts entitle the agent to their percentage commissions even if they did not get you the work and also want their percentage of commissions from any work you do with anyone you meet through their introduction or otherwise during the term of the contract and this percentage can be payable for your career lifetime even if you cancel the contract. This can really restrict you career.

Non-Exclusive Contract
This is type of contract is better for you as it is much less restricting than the Exclusive Contract.  A Non-Exclusive contract basically states that you can have more than one agent and is a so a popular choice for actors, performers and models.  The agent that gets paid is the one who sent you to the audition. This makes them work harder for you.

CHALICE MANAGEMENT offer a contract which is Non-Exclusive 

We offer a non-exclusive contract as we believe the artist always benefits from this.  Put simply, we offer a non-exclusive contract so that you can work with other agents besides Chalice Management if you wish to without getting caught up in any kind of agent fee loop from our point of view!

*NO joining fee!
*NO lengthy & complicated contracts!
*NO strings attached!
 We simply take 20% of any work we find for you.

For Actors/Models/Performers we will add your profile to our site - www.ChaliceMediaGroup.com - and do our best to promote you for the types of work you wish to engage in.  We will also promote you via our Facebook page and Twitter feeds; please ensure you 'like' the Chalice Media Facebook Page and follow @ChalicePro and @ChaliceBooks to take advantage of this!! 

All we need from you is the permission to promote you (you must be 18+ or have permission confirmed by a consenting adult such as a parent or guardian).  You can provide information and permission via email or using the form below, then simply list CHALICE MANAGEMENT as your agent on any other accounts you use/hold (including CastingCall Pro, StarNow, Spotlight, etc) and notify us by email when you have done this: Productions@ChaliceMediaGroup.com.

If you are on Spotlight, you should email them directly (
updates@spotlight.com) asking that they add CHALICE MANAGEMENT as one of your agents; you can have multiple agents. 

For Writers we offer a similar service, but dedicated to your written works (including novel, stage, screen, etc) and take only 15% from any publishing deals, screen offers, etc.  Writers should make contact directly via Books@ChaliceMediaGroup.com and visit the Submissions page first.
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