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Print Publication Package - Intermediate

£629.00 £899.00

The Intermediate package gives design flexibility, marketing services, website listing and social media promotion, this package offers your book that all-important competitive edge.


This package includes:  


  • Availability in Paperback Format
  • Availability in Hardback Format 
  • Availability in E-Book Format
  • Custom Interior Design
  • Custom Full-Colour Cover
  • Personalised Back Cover
  • Electronic proof
  • Paperback Author Copy
  • ISBN Assignment & UPC Barcode
  • Worldwide Availability through Gardners/Ingram
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution
  • Books in Print Registration
  • UK Copyright
  • 5 FREE Paperback copies
  • 25 Custom Bookmarks
  • 50 promotional leaflets
  • Prepared Press Release
  • Listing on and availibility through Chalice Media website
  • Intitial Social media promotion and 'wake up' promotion tactics after 3 months


Additional editing, design, marketing, and bookselling services can be purchased separately.


Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of free books, but you are responsible for any additional shipping and handling costs.


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