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SPLINTERED - Signed by Author


*** A limited edition signed copy of SPLINTERED by Laura J Harris ***

The passengers on-board a relaxing, all-inclusive Caribbean cruise get much more than they bargained for when 'Golden Star's' luxurious flagship, 'Ianus', is sabotaged. The accompanying sense of chaos and isolation quickly swell to MISTRUST, MAYHEM and MURDER...


Contemplating early retirement following the horrific and high-profile death of her sister and the media hounding that ensued, Criminal Psychologist and Profiler, Dr. Christine Kane embarks on a get-away cruise that will prove to be the vacation of a lifetime for all the wrong reasons.


Tormented ex- Merseyside DI, Jonathan Prior is now the Head of Security on board the luxury ocean-liner, 'Ianus', and despite his initial reservations, he seems to have found love in the most unlikely of places. He is happy. For the first time in a long time. Though even bliss such as this can't keep the nightmares of his past at bay for long.


Kelly Livingstone is the Artist in Residence at Leeds University. A talented woman with a tortured past, she lives her life for the here and now and to hell with the consequences! That is until the university force her to take a leave of absence and concentrate on creating some biographical nonsense for publication. Kelly has promised herself that she won't fall for anyone on this trip, but with so many beautiful and intelligent women surrounding her, can she really keep her word... and should she?


With so many twists and turns, a frenzied pace and a real sense of the panic of containment and isolation, SPLINTERED is an energized escape into the world of an unknown assassin on the verge of transition and self-discovery with only one thing on their mind... MURDER.



I'm VERY impressed

Mark Billingham

- Best-selling Crime Writer and Author of Rush of Blood , Scaredy Cat , Sleepyhead etc! -




As Hard To Put Down as a Baldacci


***** - G Corry





"What a fantastic book!

Splintered was impossible to put down.   A real page turner !
I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story
( it did not go where I expected! ) , as well as the relationships as they developed between the characters.
I cannot wait for the next book from this obviously
talented writer ."

***** - MontyCat Reviews




"Pacey, imaginative and very well written .   A page-turner that keeps you on sitting on the deck and not wanting to go back to your cabin!!   What have you got in store for us next Laura J Harris?"

***** - J Brindle




" Brilliant read !   Wasn ' t sure at first if I would enjoy it, but, once you get into all the characters , you won ' t be able to put it down.

Lots of scary twists and turns !"

***** - B M Cottrell




A fantastic debut from an up and coming talent !  

Splintered will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages till the tide comes in ( pun intended! ) . Might make you think twice about booking that cruise!

***** -   T A Newton - Chalice Books



Just finished reading this book and my overall impression...it ' s been impossible to stop reading it!!
Each turn of the page gave me the same feelings I
' d have reading the latest
David Baldacci ...all of a sudden what was supposed to be a quick 5 minute read has ended up with me sitting there reading this book for an hour or two without interruption!
I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next.
The author is certainly a
skilled storyteller and I hope to see more of her work on Amazon in the near future. Splintered is probably the best story I've read this year .

Well done Miss Harris.

***** - G Corry

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